Hardwood inlays

Hardwood Inlays and other creative works
by Carrie Medlin

Whether you want hardwood floor inlays or a beautiful new hardwood counter top, we can help with creative designs custom made for your home.  Elk, horses ducks or dragons, each piece is designed and created to your specifications.   


Below are some examples of my work.  I can recreate your version of these designs or create something entirely custom just for you.


These inlays are 3/4" thick, but can be made to any thickness required.  Feel free to ask for custom sizes.
carrie@coloradodragonfly.com 970.507.0401


Stallion at Sunset 24x28  64 pieces of the following exotic hardwoods: Canarywood   Wenge   Sapele   Bocote   Cocobolo   Quilted Bubinga    Tigerwood   Ipe    Santos Mahogany   African Mahogany   Walnut   Bloodwood   Quartersawn Sycamore   East Indian Rosewood   Honduras Rosewood   Cumaru   Jatoba   Zebrawood

Elk and Aspens     162 pieces of exotic hardwoods.  This piece is built into an exterior door.  For more information about the door, you may contact Lone Pine Millworks in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.


Pintail Drake 17x23  49 pieces of the following hardwoods:   Wenge   Yellowheart   Red Oak   Walnut   Coco bolo   Maple   East Indian Rosewood   Padauk   Brazilian Cherry




Elk Tracks 22x30     48 pieces of the following hardwoods:  Walnut   Curly Maple   Red Oak   Wenge   Hickory   Brazilian Cherry   Tigerwood   Jatoba   African Mahogany   Honduras Rosewood


Bear Tracks  22x30     90 pieces of the following hardwoods:   Curly Maple   Walnut   Red Oak   Coco bolo   Tigerwood   Sapele   Bubinga   Makore   Padauk   Wenge   Jatoba   Honduras Rosewood    African Mahogany


Mallard 15 1/2 x 15 1/2    47 pieces of the following hardwoods: Padauk   Hickory   Lignum Vitae   Walnut   Coco bolo   Tiama   Maple   East Indian Rosewood   Leopard wood   Jatoba   Yellowheart   Wenge   Bocote   Anierge 


Indian Paint  36" ellipse   112 pieces of the following hardwoods:  Purpleheart   Red Oak   Walnut   Hunduras Rosewood   East Inidan Rosewood   Wenge   Canary wood   Tigerwood   Padauk   Maple   Zebrawood   Bloodwood   Imbula





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